Marketing Strategies



Do you know your customers? Do you know how to reach them? Do you know how else you might service them?


Marketing Strategies is designed to develop a comprehensive approach to marketing for a SME business.  The module is a mix of questionnaire and interviews prior to a full day interactive marketing strategy session that covers the 9 key steps of a marketing plan.



Marketing Strategy Session Format


The session will cover the following 9 Steps:

The module is designed to help businesses not only survive but also take advantage of the opportunities such as COVID-19 presents to your business.


Pre-Activities (2-3hours)

  • Completion of a questionnaire, a client interview, a preliminary background research and analysis


Marketing Strategies Session (6-7hours)

  • Interactive planning in-person or over video conference session
  • The session is template driven in terms of each of the 9 key steps ad pre-populated with content from our pre-activities and tailored to your business
  • At the close of the session you will have a draft set of templates that will constitute your marketing plan


Post-Activities (1 hours)

  • Finalisation of Marketing plan

Courses / Sessions are run by:


Our workshops are run by our senior executives with each have over 25 years’ experience in consulting for some of the largest organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Both practitioners have board, CEO and MD Level experience and have worked extensively across New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, USA and UK.

Rachael Alexander

Marco Ciobo



  • The session will be conducted on the North Shore or in the city of Auckland, or alternatively can be attended via video conference
  • Lunch will be provided



Expressions of Interest


  • Phone : Rachael Alexander on 027 346 7627
  • Email :