Managing Resources



For small to medium businesses, the critical factor to manage is cashflow. However, cashflow is impacted by the management of firm resources and efficient processes.


This module considers critical processes and practices in a business and provides an analysis of which will best impact your cashflow.  The module is template driven and will entail a survey of various processes, their applicability to your business and identification of which will have maximum impact if brought up closer to best practice.


The module covers best practices for your organisation against your current practice for the following critical processes:

The module is completed in two parts


1.Completion of a client survey across performance of the above dimensions, this is followed by a one on one interview with the client to provide context and more information around the responses to the survey


2.A template driven workshop that considers the above dimensions and the practices that will have maximum impact on your business. The key focus will be how to shift the best practices in order to impact cashflow of the business. The workshop will be interactive with five to ten other SMEs. The notion here is to further identify practices used in other sectors that may deliver value for your business.



What will you get?


A final report that covers the best practices identified in the above managing resources processes. Recommendations will be made on the most impact processes to work on that will impact cashflow both immediately and in the medium to long term. Participants will also obtain access to a collaboration website of the SMEs that attended the interactive workshop. This will enable further networking and discussions to take place once the source is complete.



Courses / Sessions are run by:


Our workshops are run by our senior executives with each have over 25 years’ experience in consulting for some of the largest organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Both practitioners have board, CEO and MD Level experience and have worked extensively across New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, USA and UK.

Rachael Alexander

Marco Ciobo



The workshop will be conducted either on the North Shore or Auckland city, or alternatively can be via video conference. Lunch will be provided.



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Phone: Rachael Alexander 027 346 7627



There will be a post workshop document produced.

Workshop offered exclusively to 8-10 attendees.





This workshop can also be run at a business level with CEO and his/her direct reports as part of an offsite-strategy session. Please contact us direct for tailored pricing on this offering.